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based in Brooklyn, often in Mexico City

Emmeline Wilks-Dupoise is a New York based production designer who grew up in Vermont before moving to New York City in 2005 to study film production at NYU. A visual artist with a love of storytelling, she was drawn to the expressive world building of the art department.

For the past decade she has designed feature films including Port Authority, Radium Girls & King Jack. Recently, she designed ten episodes for Brie Larson’s Disney+ Growing Up. Emmeline’s memorable production design work has premiered at Cannes, SXSW & Tribeca. You can find her projects on HBO, Netflix, Showtime, Disney+ & Mubi. Emmeline has designed many hybrid documentaries, most recently HBO’s You Were My First Boyfriend. Music video design has expanded her command of the surreal & stylized. Credits include Norah Jones, Future, Lil’ Kim & Peso Pluma. Commercial work includes production design for Mcann’s NY Lottery ad, a cover shoot for Hello Beautiful magazine & set design for The New Yorker editor interviews. Emmeline has been blessed to collaborate with artists including Lorna Simpson, Arthur Jaffa & Julie Dash. She is excited to travel & immerse herself in new experiences with an open heart. Her projects have brought her to all coasts, small towns & large cities, the beaches of Bimini, the blues trail in Mississippi, the south of France & Mexico City.

When she isn’t designing sets, Emmeline can be found visiting family in Mexico, gardening in Brooklyn, painting & foraging.

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Represented by

Independent Artist Group (IAG)

Allison Irvin


Anthony M. Marotto


IATSE  United Scenic Artists Local 829

Production Designer

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